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2010: Who Controls “Big Money”? The Barclay’s Octopus

 By Matthias Chang Global Research, October 11, 2010 Future Fastforward 10 October 2010

If we know who controls big money, then it becomes obvious that the bailout of Big Money is essentially a bailout of the financial puppet masters behind the Big Money – Q.E.D.
I am sure that you are more than surprised that the Barclays Octopus was a major shareholder of so many big money banks before the crash of 2007.Read on!

A)        The Top Money Center BanksTable 1
Table 2
It is interesting and mind boggling that Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd is a major shareholder in all the ten banks.It is the number 1 shareholder in Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Bank of New York Mellon and the Sun trust Banks.
It is the 2nd largest shareholder in Wells Fargo Bank.
It is the 3rd largest shareholder in Wachovia Bank.
It is the 6th largest shareholder in Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of Nova Scotia.
It is the 9th largest shareholder in Toronto Dominion Bank.
It is equally interesting that State Street Corporation is one of the top 5 largest shareholders of seven of the big banks.
It is the 2nd largest shareholder in Bank of America.
It is the 3rd largest shareholder in Citigroup, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and the Bank of New York Mellon.
It is the 4th largest shareholder in Wachovia Bank.
It is the 5th largest shareholder in Sun Trust Banks.
Therefore, two principal corporations have direct and controlling major stakes in the top ten banks. However, this becomes more awesome, when we add the indirect interest!
The Canadian banks, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto Dominion have an incestuous cross ownership and each having Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd as a major shareholder as well.   

B)    The Top Investment BanksBarclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd and State Street Corporation are also major direct shareholders of the following investment banks:
Goldman Sachs
Merrill Lynch 
Morgan Stanley
Lehman Brothers
Charles Schwab Corp
Bear Stearns
Once again, if we add the indirect interest, the control is awesome.
C)    Mortgage CorporationsBarclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd is also a major direct shareholder in the following mortgage corporations
Countrywide Financial Corp
Freddie Mac – Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Fannie Mae – Federal National Mortgage Association
Sallie Mae – SLM Corporation
It has also indirect interest.D)    Components of Dow Jones Industrials (as at 30-Jun-2006)Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd and State Street Corporation are direct major shareholders of the following companies which in 2006 constitute the Dow Jones Industrials, namely:
•    Alcoa Inc.
•    Altria Group Inc.
•    American International Group Inc.
•    American Express Co.
•    AT&T Inc.
•    Boeing Co.
•    Caterpillar Inc.
•    Citigroup Inc.
•    Coca-Cola Co.
•    EI DuPont de Nemours & Co.
•    Exxon Mobil Corp.
•    General Electric Co.
•    General Motors Corporation
•    Hewlett-Packard Co.
•    Home Depot Inc.
•    Honeywell International Inc.
•    Intel Corp.
•    International Business Machines Corp.
•    Johnson & Johnson
•    JP Morgan Chase & Co.
•    McDonald’s Corp.
•    Merck & Co. Inc.
•    Microsoft Corp.
•    3M Co.
•    Pfizer Inc.
•    Procter & Gamble Co.
•    United Technologies Corp.
•    Verizon Communications Inc.
•    Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
•    Walt Disney Co.
It is obvious from the list that they have also indirect interest.E)    Companies Listed In HUI / XAUAnd who do you think controls directly and indirectly companies listed In HUI/XAU?  The puppet masters who control these companies control mining companies.

Yes, it is the mighty Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd.F)    FundsThere are so many funds out there, but we will just select one for the purposes of illustration.
Who is behind BlackRock Inc?BlackRock Inc. headed a $75 billion fund to rescue Structured Investment Vehicles (SIVs) which went belly up, which meant bailing out the big boys who were in the shits of these SIVs.
Yes, it is Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd and its banking associates.
G)    Defence ContractorsHow About the Top Ten Defence Contractors?
Lockheed Martin Corp.
Boeing Co.
Northrop Grumman Corp.
General Dynamics Corp.
Raytheon Co.
Halliburton Co.
BAE Systems PLC
United Technologies Corp.
Communications Holdings, Inc.
Computer Sciences Corp.
Again it is Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd. State Street Corporation is also a substantial shareholder in the above companies.
The $trillion dollar question must be – who is behind the Barclays Octopus and its ally State Street Corporation?If I am to reveal the details of the financial puppet masters behind these two financial giants, most of you would not believe me and will accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.
Just as well, because I have no intention of spoon feeding you. If you genuinely want the truth to change the existing situation and to survive this financial mess, I believe that you owe it to yourself to spend time and money (as I have, and I don’t rely on any outside support other than my hard-earned money) to dig deep and uncover the extent of the tentacles of these two financial octopus.
There has been a justified protest (but no mass demonstration in the millions by ordinary good people) against the massive bonuses paid out to so-called bankers. If you are naïve enough to believe that these financial pay-packets were all given out to so-called loyal and or dedicated employees, please wake up.
This is one of the back-door means of distributing the hundreds of billions of bailout monies to the controllers who own the big money institutions.
When you are robbed at gun point for a couple of hundred dollars, you would scream obscenities, lodge a police report and demand retribution against the scumbag.
When so-called terrorists hijacked planes and crashed into the twin towers etc., killed three thousand innocent people and caused a temporary glitch to your comfort zone, you demanded vengeance and invaded first Afghanistan and then Iraq, killing millions and wounding and displacing millions more. Whole countries were devastated. The chorus led by fascist Bush was – You are either with us or you are with the terrorists. Vengeance, vengeance and blood lust was the call to action!
Yet, yes – you clever Americans (the big bullies) who believe that you and your country are exceptionaland must show the world its values and demand that the rest of the world emulate and practice these so-called American values are so stupid and ignorant that when you are robbed in broad daylight in the $trillions, you accept the status quo without a whimper of protest. And I offer no apologies for being so blunt. Nothing seems to wake you guys up from your slumber.
You fell for a slick propaganda and elected a slick mouthpiece.
There is no change, meaningful change that will expose and put to an end the choking control of such financial octopus as the Barclays and State Street Octopus.
The Barclays and State Street are just two of the hidden force. Their exposure in this article will, I hope encourage others to expose the rest. Please do your part.
If you want change, get out and do some meaningful work. Dig deep and expose these fraudulent financial puppet masters and tell everyone.
There will be no change, if people remain ignorant. And if the people are ignorant, they will not know the real culprits, who have destroyed their families, homes and livelihood. There is no target to aim so as torally the people to go after them!        
Fast Forward to 2010It has been said by many that the global financial crisis has resulted in a massive transfer of wealth from one group to another. Here, I am not talking about the impoverishment of the middle class.
I am talking about the transfer of wealth within the ranks of the 1% global financial elites.
Surprise, surprise! Barclays Global Investors Holdings Ltd is no longer the front runner. That role has been taken over by State Street Corporation. The Home Page of State Street proudly declares “that its singular focus is on serving the needs of institutional investors and is one of its key competitive differentiators. With US$19.0 trillion in assets under custody and administration, and US$1.9 trillion under management as of March 31, 2010, State Street is an industry leader and innovator – setting standards with new products and services, and expanding the depth and breadth of client relationships. Our longstanding reputation as a capable and experienced service provider consistently positions us at the top of industry rankings.”I want to draw your attention to figures highlighted in bold – US$19 trillion and US$1.9 trillion.Now, please examine the Schedules annexed to this article.
Two things I want you to dig deep on your own:
1)    Ask how did the $trillions ended up with corporations like State Street? Follow the money trail. This is your clue.
2)    Next, examine the new players who have climbed up the rankings. Which names strike your mind? Dig deep and follow the money trail.
What I have exposed here in these pages is the tip of the iceberg of the Greatest Financial Scam in History!More importantly, the various factions within the global financial elites are fighting among themselves for control of the Global casino. The war has just started. Before it is over, expect more blood and dead meaton Wall Street and Main Street!
SCHEDULESSchedule 1 – State Street CorporationThe Home Page of State Street’s proudly declares that its singular focus is on serving the needs of institutional investors is one of its key competitive differentiators. With US$19.0 trillion in assets under custody and administration, and US$1.9 trillion under management as of March 31, 2010, State Street is an industry leader and innovator – setting standards with new products and services, and expanding the depth and breadth of client relationships. Our longstanding reputation as a capable and experienced service provider consistently positions us at the top of industry rankings:
No. 1 Global Mutual Fund Administrator
Global Custodian, 2009 Mutual Fund Administration Survey
No. 1 provider of US mutual fund custody and accounting services
Global Securities Lender of the Year
International Custody and Fund Administration, 2009 Global Awards

Schedule 2 – Bank of America 2010
Schedule 3 – Citigroup 2010
Schedule 4 – JP Morgan
Schedule 5 – Wells Fargo
Schedule 6 – Bank of New York Mellon
Schedule 7 – Sun Trust Banks
Schedule 8 – Goldman Sachs
Schedule 9 – Morgan Stanley
Schedule 10 – Bear Stearns
Schedule 11 – Charles Schwab
The above information was derived from the extensive research by Edward Ulysses Cate and other public sources.  Be like Edward Cate and educate yourself and others. And pray that it is not too late to do so.

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